Ascension Mausoleum,  the largest single unit mausoleum in the United States.

This has been more than a 10 year partnership between McCleskey Mausoleums and the Catholic Cemeteries of Archdiocese of Miami to fulfill a commitment to the Catholic community by providing the highest quality of memorialization.
Ascension Mausoleum is over 75 feet tall, and contains 12,594 crypts along with 1088 bronze and glass front niches, and 416 mosaic front niches.
In addition, there are 4,036 marble and granite front niches which the material was imported from Italy.

Ascension Mausoleum Footprint is 33,400 square feet containing 17,850 tons of steel, and 10,500 cubic yards of concrete.
There were 28 containers consisting of approximately 80,000 square feet of marble and granite imported from Italy. This 4 year construction project took over 150,000 hours of labor from the best Mausoleum specialist in the world. There are multiple forms of art work, consisting of craved statuary, mosaics, with the focal point of the chapel being a 2 ½ story high stain glass window depicting the ascension of Christ.

For over 30 years McCleskey Mausoleums has been fulfilling the needs of the Catholic Cemeteries the Archdiocese of Miami in proving their vision for the future of their mission.